The Root of Hope

Romans 15_12_The Root of Hope

Last time, we reminded ourselves that God was the source of our hope.  As the God of hope, He is the only one who can fill us with hope, and He is the only one who can cause that hope to overflow – overflow to cover our hopeless circumstances, and overflow into the lives of others.  Our role, we said, was to simply trust God.  Our hope is directly tied to our trust in the Lord (Romans 15:13).

Thankfully, God understands our world.  He also knows exactly how He made us (Psalm 103:14).  Therefore, He knows that we often get tossed about by the storms and circumstances of life.  As the storms threaten to topple us, He continues to remain unmoved.  He is the anchor that holds firm – therefore, we need to hold firmly to Him.

It’s no coincidence that Paul placed the verse about God being the source of hope after these words:

The Root of Jesse will spring up, one who will arise to rule over the nations; in Him the Gentiles will hope. (Romans 15:12)

Here again, context matters.  Since our role in finding and maintaining hope is to trust the Lord, God reminds us where to focus that trust – in Christ.  You see, Jesus (the Root of Jesse) has already come and accomplished everything the Father required for the forgiveness of sins.  As a result, we can walk with God in confidence today, and stand before Him with joy in eternity.

It’s all DONE.  Once our faith has been placed in Christ we can always come back to it as an anchor of hope.  Circumstances can (and will) change frequently.  Dark days will come.  But Christ still rules over nations and over hearts that are His, therefore we will always have hope that will overflow. –Dave

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