The Fall and The Call

Genesis 3_9_The Fall and The Call

Genesis 3 tells the story commonly known as “The Fall of man.”  Most of us learned it as very young children.  For Eve, the story involves being visited and deceived by the devil.  Satan craftily twisted the words of God and tricked Eve into eating the only fruit which God had forbidden (vv. 1-6).

Adam however walked into the mess with his eyes wide open.  He saw what was going on and fully understood that God had said “no” to what Eve handed him to eat (1 Timothy 2:14).  So the devil tricked Eve as to where God’s line was, but Adam saw the line and chose to step over it anyway!  In the end, both were wrong, and both felt shame which caused them to cover themselves and hide from God.

Like I said, we’re familiar with the account.  But do you realize what happened afterwards?  No sooner had Adam and Eve strategically positioned those fig leaves then we read:

But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9)

Do you see it?  IMMEDIATELY after man’s fall came God’s call!  They had no sooner begun hiding than God began seeking.  God’s plan of seeking and saving lost, broken, fallen mankind began in the Garden, and continues today.  God could have snuffed Adam and Eve out and started over – but He didn’t.  Where sin first entered the picture, grace was on the scene as well.  Their lives would become different and more difficult as a result of their sin, but God made a way for life to continue.

Friends, God’s call to sinful men continues.  Have you answered Him?  Or are you still hiding?  –Dave

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