Action Required

2 Sam 14_20_Action Required

Your servant Joab did this to change the present situation. (2 Samuel 14:20)

Three years had passed.  Everyone had fallen into the ruts of their “new normal.” King David’s family had come unraveled.  A son had raped a daughter.  Another son, Absalom, had killed the first.  In the aftermath, Absalom fled to his grandfather’s home.

For three long years David missed his son, but did nothing.  He recognized there was a problem, but took no steps to find a solution.  Perhaps that separation between father and son would have continued indefinitely had Joab (the commander of David’s army) not intervened.

I love the wording used to describe the purpose behind Joab’s actions.  “To change the present situation” literally meant to “turn faces around.”  In other words, faces that had been looking away from one another were turned toward one another.  Isn’t that beautiful?

But change is hard.  We get comfortable with the way things have become.  Yet, there are times when change is necessary.  One of my favorite authors, Patrick Morley, once wrote – “If we continue to do what we’ve always done, we will continue to be who we’ve always been.” We could add, “If we continue to do nothing, bad situations will continue to be as they’ve always been.”

Friends, are there any faces you need to turn back to you?  Perhaps now is the time to take action. –Dave

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