Not a Blind Faith

Luke 5_5_28_Not a Blind Faith.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the accounts of how the disciples readily dropped everything and followed Jesus.  And certainly they set a wonderful example of willingness to make the pursuit of Christ a top priority.

However, recently I reread Jesus’ calling of Peter, James, John, and Matthew in Luke 5.  Somehow I had overlooked something important in each account.  Jesus asked Peter, James and John to follow Him immediately AFTER He miraculously filled their nets to overflowing (Luke 5:5-11).  Matthew left his tax-collecting table AFTER Jesus had healed the paralytic lowered through the roof by his friends (5:27-28).

Here’s my point.  Ours is NOT a blind faith.  At its heart, “faith” means “persuaded.”  It’s to consider the evidence and determine if it’s enough to persuade you it’s true.  Peter, James, John, and Matthew all saw what Christ had done and were persuaded that He was whom He claimed to be.  Seeing what He’d done, they believed He would do great things ahead.

In many ways, Christ asks the same of us today – consider the evidence and decide.  Has God demonstrated His existence or not?  Does all of creation declare there is a God in heaven?  Was there a man named Jesus who lived during the era of Pontius Pilate?  Was this Jesus crucified and later resurrected?  After considering all that has been revealed, I answer a resounding “YES” to each question!  I’ve been persuaded that Christ is exactly whom He claimed to be.  I have faith in Him.

Does faith then mean we never have doubts?  No.  Does it mean we can prove everything to a skeptic?  No.  If we could prove everything, there’d be no faith required.  Nonetheless, we have been given more than enough to respond in faith.  Have you?  –Dave

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