Unseen Blessings

Esther 6_1_That night

He was within hours of being killed, and he had NO IDEA.  Mordecai (Esther’s cousin) was sawing logs while the King’s right-hand man, Haman, was plotting Mordecai’s death.  In fact, Haman had built a pole 75 feet tall upon which to impale Mordecai the next day.

Meanwhile, across town…

On THAT night the king could not sleep. (Esther 6:1, ESV, emphasis added)

While Mordecai slept and Haman schemed, Xerxes tossed and turned.  From a purely earthly perspective we’d say it was all coincidence.  But realistically we’d have to accept that more was going on behind the scenes.  In the invisible realm, God was moving.

Whether in an attempt to fall to sleep, or simply to pass the time, the king:

…gave orders to bring the book of memorable deeds, the chronicles, and they were read before the king. And it was found written how Mordecai had told about Bigthanaand Teresh, two of the king’s eunuchs, who guarded the threshold, and who had sought to lay hands on King Ahasuerus.  And the king said, “What honor or distinction has been bestowed on Mordecai for this?” The king’s young men who attended him said, “Nothing has been done for him.” (vv.1b-3)

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, I encourage you to read how it plays out (Esther 6 and 7).  In short, the king honored Mordecai and had Haman impaled on the pole he had set up for Mordecai.  Oh the irony!

But this story also reminds us that God is involved in the details of our lives.  And while we may not be able to detect His hand, He is frequently moving behind the scenes.  On this side of eternity, we may never know just how many times He has intervened to save us.  Times He gave us a flat tire to avoid an accident.  Times we missed a plane and avoided a crash, etc. 

Lord, today we thank you for all you do for us that we’re not even aware of.  Thank you for your faithful hand of protection.

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